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Unknown Artists #7

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2015, 6:56 AM

Hello! and welcome to the seventh addition of Unknown Artists! La la la la 

And in case you missed the last volume of these features feel free to check it out: Unknown Artists #6


A gorgeous piece by holyroseholy, the face of the character is brilliantly executed while the color and execution is just bright and inviting with it's pastel theme. 

Maliki Contest 2015 by holyroseholy

A piece by StephenAinsworth that at first glance you can mistake it for a photograph, a superb piece with crisp and beautiful detail.

Cudi the Dawg by StephenAinsworth

The warm autumn color pallet is incredibly inviting and puts you right into fall mood. A fabulous piece by Meggie-M

Sneak peek of Autumn by Meggie-M

Brilliant detail and color pallet! this amazing pixel work by octavinavarro is a piece to admire. 

Scene #22: 'The Flood' by octavinavarro

A fun piece captured by hasugraphics in an interesting perspective, an adorable and colorful piece that peers up into a world full of life 

Little woopies by hasugraphics

A captivating image that pulls you right in by guessforfree

Avowal by guessforfree

taleofamonkey has a bright and fun style, their work has wonderful movement and warm colors.

A gorgeous piece that shows off a big open forest in an interesting unique style. Maaot captures work in a way that is hard to forget. 

Umbra by Maaot

Like something you see here to be a DD? well get suggesting!!
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Skin by SimplySilent

Our rockstar deviant

Fri Sep 18, 2015, 7:39 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

In June I asked for the community to show their love and support by suggesting a member they felt was an absolute rockstar here on Deviantart. Over the last 3 months I have gotten quite a few suggestions from you and the results were just awesome! But now the time has finally come to announce our rockstar deviant winner. As suggested and voted upon the most, our rockstar deviant of this year is no other than.... :drumroll: 

:bademoticon: SRSmith:bademoticon: 


InfectiousLauren struggled to open her eyes, the lids heavy, the light in the room blinding. What time is it? It was evening when–
"You're awake, good"
Darren. They were having dinner when she–
"The sedative will wear off shortly, you'll be a bit groggy, and the epidural will make it impossible for you to move, but try not to be alarmed."
She forced her eyes open, blinked as they teared against the bright light of the room. Darren stood facing her, stripped to the waist, one hand cradling the other elbow, idly stroking his chin with his free hand.
"The van I brought you here in is radio opaque, and this entire building is wired such that we're untraceable. I don't expect company."
He moved to a chair opposite, still watching her. On the table beside him she could make out an array of tools, and a camera on a long articulated arm, which he pulled and pointed at his midsection while he continued to talk.
"It's entirely possible that you don't know why you're here, and if that's the cas
RejectionCarter Blake woke screaming into sweat soaked sheets again. It had been over a year, but the memories were still crystal clear and relentless; from the calm serenity of an afternoon patrol to the searing heat, the sudden impact and as his vision cleared, the view past the freshly cauterized stump where his right arm had been to the dusty blue sky.
He sat up in bed and swung his legs over the side, feeling the polished hardwood beneath his artificial feet. He scratched idly at the point where the real flesh of his thigh faded into the artificial and then stood, not missing the arthritic pain that had plagued his knees before the event.
Clasping his hands behind his back, one real, one a poor facsimile he pulled his arms back and up behind him, feeling the strain ease in his shoulders, then twisted hard left and right once to feel the satisfying pop as the pressure released in his spine.
He was parched.
The lights followed him from the bedroom into the eat-in kitchen, glowing dimly to gu
Love in BattleSome people learn to find love in the conflict,
the way some learn to sleep while the bombs fall
It's not safe, or even healthy,
but you find what you need when there's nothing else.

"I would like to nominate SRSmith for this, as I find him to be caring without being patronizing. When I was going through a shitty time, he'll always give good advices, and show concern without being fake about it. I think he responds to the comments he received in a nice way. Overall, a genuine guy who deserves the credit."nosugarjustanger

Congrats to you SRSmith! :clap: :heart: 

Some of our other kick ass suggestions sent in by our community

:bademoticon: PuzzledHeartBox, because he is a lovely person and I hate the fact that he hasn't been made a senior yet. - @NiceMechano

:bademoticon: CatsEyeNebulabecause she is really lovely and reminds us to try our best! - HubbubMTS

:bademoticon: CynicallyBelieveIt, Im nominating Cyn because she is the most amazing person! She has been there for me through thick and thin and doesn't get enough appreciation. She has amazing are and is a great person all together. I really don't think she gets enough appreciation. She is really nice to everyone even if they are really mean! - grapes2468

:bademoticon: VexFox, because apart from being one of my best friends, she's also such a positive member of the dA community. she's so selfless, and even though i know she's going through a lot of stuff herself, and everything that's happened to her makes my life look like a walk in the park, she's always willing to set aside her personal troubles for as long as i need to let me talk about whatever's bothering me, and she also knows exactly what to say to make me feel better about it, too. Plus, she's the most tough-as-nails person i've ever known, and she absolutely deserves this. - DogeDays

:bademoticon: @iconsolcastle, She's been a good penpal and friend of mine for 5 years. A cute, nice girl with cute nice art that often gets a bit shadowed but has been trying her darndest starting a new DA and fighting continuously to regain confidence in herself and her art after the unexpected death of her mother 3 years ago. This summer she finally graduated college and though she's a bit of a shy penguin is pushing herself out there into the world of adulthood.

She's most known for her massive 200+ "Randomness doodle sessions" That's commitment! - Trafal-the-Law

:bademoticon: chromeantennae, His name is Ricky, and he is an active member of my cherished Literature community. 

What makes Ricky so very special is his generosity and kindness. His heart is so massive and there is not a day that goes by that he is not doing everything he can to show others just how much he appreciates and loves them. From features, random acts of kindness, community projects, groups, and journals - he has a heart of gold and truly deserves the recognition. 

In the short time Ricky has impacted my life -- on DeviantART and beyond, I have felt his tenderness and warmth. I truly feel that selfless, loving deviants like him are the reason I consider DeviantART my second home. He serves as a positive example to others and for these reasons, merits the honor of Rockstar. - LadyLincoln

Thank you for everyone who participated and a special thanks to our contributors!

  :iconthegalleryofeve: :iconsomnusvorus: 

:iconimperialnokhtis: :iconladylincoln: :icongrapes2468: :iconhubbubmts: :icondanny-mechanist: :icondreamsofgems: :icondogedays: :iconinsanelycute:


DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Fri Aug 7, 2015, 7:55 AM by SirCassie:iconsircassie:

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
 I have been here for almost 2 years now :aww:   

What does your username mean?  
 Nothing really lol, I wanted something short and "SirCassie" just sounded way better than "LadyCassie" 

Describe yourself in three words.
Stubborn, Active, Friendly.        

Are you left or right handed?
  I am right handed.         

What was your first deviation?    
Dark by SirCassie

What is your favourite type of art to create?   
 It depends on my mood really, currently I am into cartoons and comics.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?    
  All of them :eyes:           

What was your first favourite? 
Park w oliwie by RudaWWL

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?    
Oh my, I can't be sure really.. My faves folder is just full of all different types and kinds of art from all different mediums.. ^^;          

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?     
I would have to pick loish. Her work has been such an inspiration to me since I joined dA, especially when I see some of her work from when she first started out verses her work today. :clap:     

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?   
It would have to be my twinsie SavageFrog :heart:        

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?    
I would say the TheGalleryOfEve impacted my life by showing how sweet someone can be even though they have never met you in person. Eve has been an incredible deviant and has always shown me nothing but kindness which these days can be hard to come by, especially on the internet.                

What are your preferred tools to create art? 
My Wacom tablet and a big cup of coffee Coffeecup 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?  
 Anywhere really, but since I work from home I guess the living room? :XD:

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? 
I think when I received my first Daily Deviation, it was such a surprise anything I could create could ever be recognized like that and even though it didn't bring in tons of views or faves it still meant a lot to all those who were incredibly supportive and kind. 

Coding by SimplySilent

DD Drive Feature

Sun Jul 19, 2015, 10:57 AM

As a prize for the top suggesters who participated in this years Daily Deviation Suggestion Drive I have put together this journal feature! 
Thank you for all those who participated and helping over 102 individual artists receive a DD for their work!

Enjoy! :la:

14 Free Lollipop Bullet Icons by iingo       Cherry Blossom Surprise Icon by iingo
Aya Drevis Pixel by iingo

Fragile by DragonflyAndromeda  Dreamland by DragonflyAndromeda  What's that smell? by DragonflyAndromeda

:goldenfella: by Mrichston:iconpsoty: :goldenfella: by Mrichston

capitalistic boy by psoty  game boy by psoty  
birdy boy by psoty  

:goldenfella: by Mrichston:iconrtnightmare: :goldenfella: by Mrichston
Siesta Sunset by RTNightmare  
The Waves by RTNightmare
What it's LikeI grew up depressed.
I was pushed around.
I was the subject of ridicule.
I was the scapegoat.
Because of all the years of constant torment,
I thought,
Or felt,
I had the right,  
To do the same to others.
These others could be people
Who did nothing to me.
Just because someone,
Whether they are from the past,
Or in the present,
Does something to you-
Does not mean you have to take it out of someone in your future.
Does that sound fair?
Did they deserve it?
I learned what I was doing the hard way.
I bottled up my pain
To be let out at whoever got in my way.
My parents didn't know how to handle me.
My cousin and best friend understood.
Zoe had gone through a lot of the same things.
Adina knew me better than most of my family.
They gave me hope,
And that helped me push myself to new possibilited-
Especially within tough circumstances.
I have never known anyone else
Who believed in me like them.
People have told me I am a social butterfly.
But sometimes,
My emotions get in

All Participants:

:iconiingo::icondragonflyandromeda::iconsircassie: :iconpsoty::iconrtnightmare::iconpeppermintsoda::iconejrotsih::iconminato-kushina::iconkida-neechan::iconroguemudblood:
:iconthegalleryofeve::icongafantonina::iconmrs-freestar-bul::icongoddessnemesis::iconsavagefrog::iconlukasfractalizator::icondogedays::iconshixam::iconsilverinkblot: :iconsabakunoshi: 
:iconhosagu: :iconmocris: :iconhlwar: :iconfictasy: :iconbatty-mcbats: :icongewalgon: :iconamarantheans: :iconuchuubranko: :icondeathgoddess231: :iconinkedacrylic:
:iconalexanderpaupoff: :iconmock1ngb1rd: :iconchromeantennae: :iconpaperdart: :iconresurrexia: :iconkiwibeagle: :iconhopeburnsblue: :iconssarawolf: :iconmotleydreams: :iconbraxton-t-rutledge:
 :iconinklingsofoblivion: :iconartificialphantom: :iconmagicaljoey: :iconfroggydreams: :iconpascua-tanya: :iconleonca: :iconvindolet: :iconskulkey::iconkalinereine::iconnichrysalis:
 :iconsnowtheslipper: :iconbeeinthebottle::iconbrassteeth: :iconpoetryod: :iconeitvys200::iconintroverted-ghost::iconpulbern::iconlindartz::iconypplejax::iconleyghan:

Unknown Artists #6

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 6:37 PM

Hello! and welcome to the sixth addition of Unknown Artists! La la la la 

And in case you missed the last volume of these features feel free to check it out: Unknown Artists #5


An adorable scene by calette! The fish add a whimsical cute flare bringing much more added life to this storybook like piece. 
Out for a Walk by calette

i-am-MOKEY shows off gorgeous texture and detail in their piece "Sugar in my tea" A character I could definitely imagine being in Alice In Wonderland. 
Sugar in my tea by i-am-MOKEY

haniutek's piece "Sana and lady" is a perfect representation of the many fairy tale like works you can find throughout their gallery.  Each piece holding their own personality and each executed with the utmost care. 
Sansa and Lady by haniutek

Absolutely inspiring work by diegoidef! this piece shows off a good amount of realism, surrealism, as well as mixing 2-dimensional with the illusion of 3-dimensional! Truly stunning work. 
301 by diegoidef

"Come here my lady"  by AkiZero1510 is dark, beautiful, and shows a great deal of effort one can easily admire. 
Come here my lady by AkiZero1510

"Escaping darkness" by LarimarDragon is beautiful with it's use of cool colors and storybook like characterization. 
Escaping darkness by LarimarDragon

A hilarious cosplay on a very much underrated Pokemon, "DO YOU EVEN SPLASH" by sevcosplay is a piece that is truly unforgettable. 
DO YOU EVEN SPLASH!? by sevcosplay

"Hellboy" by  eoghankerrigan  Is an interesting and eye catching take on a well known character.
Hellboy by eoghankerrigan

Like something you see here to be a DD? well get suggesting!!
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Artisan Crafts #2

Thu Jun 11, 2015, 11:45 AM

Hello! and welcome to the second Artisan crafts journal feature! weekly I will be posting up to 25 of the most intriguing, well made, and simply inspiring artisan crafts deviations from all around dA!

So it sit back, relax, and discover someone new today! :heart: 

Spoon Skull Pendant by WallaceReg  Purple flowers by pinterzsu
White and crystal earrings by thebluekraken 'Spirit of Yggdrasil', sterling silver pendant by seralune 
GatoFrida by Gatosalados

Needle Felted Fox on a Hill by falauke Forest spirit by enenauta
Peach the Octopus by Heartstringcrochet Little Wanderer 01 by PastYourPorchlight

SOLD: Woodland Faun Poseable Art Doll by FaunleyFae 

OOAK Flower fairy baby by BajoElHelecho Pug Pup Earrings by TrollGirl
Megaman by Elfrieda87 Jersey Knit Skirt (M) Antique Rose- (Junior Size M by Caraut

Purple Arrowhead Necklace | $75.99 by DanielAPierce

Jackalope Mask #2 by Nymla Tree bracelet by rowan300

Pixel Dovakin Skyrim Cross Stitch - Free Pattern by rukiara Ganesh Small by SpitfireLabs

Dark swan by Evdzhine

Traveling Luck Charm by magiqumbrella Elven Bridal Gown by Firefly-Path

Gatuccino by froybalam Mr. Mustache Mug- FOR SALE by thebigduluth

Fish to Sushi amigurumi by elveawen

Need more artisan craft groups to be a part of? then feel free to check out some of these awesome groups!
:iconartisancraft: :icondaknitters: :iconcutecuteart:

Created at SimplySilent's journal creator. Stock by CoopiBella

Unknown Artists #5

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 7:03 PM

Hello! and welcome to the fifth addition of Unknown Artists! La la la la 

And in case you missed the last volume of these features feel free to check it out: Unknown Artists #4


A breath taking piece by Raining-Insanity, The cool blue tones and the powdered effect on the butterfly make this self portrait one to remember! 
Chills by Raining-Insanity

An inspiring piece by helloiamlli! The line art is superb while capturing a calm yet pained emotion on the man's face.
lliGloom by helloiamlli

This necklace screams beauty, the design itself is complex while the blue gem compliments it's metal surroundings. A truly remarkable creation by KafkaVey
Mikalo OOAK Larimar and Sapphire Pendant by KafkaVey

No Pokemon does it better than Slowpoke! HachimitsuToOkami not only aced Slowpoke's pink theme but also captured that unforgettable spaced and "not-really-there" expression that we all know and love about Pokemon's beloved Slowpoke.  
Slowpoke kigurumi 3 by HachimitsuToOkami

A lovely traditional piece by eamanee the line work and hatching is done very well and the piece as a whole has a 3D element to it that truly makes it stand out as something truly unique. 
Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? by eamanee

MyoTsubasa has captured Princess Serenity perfectly! her dress and wig are spot on and the innocent expression on her face really pulls you in to this captivating cosplay!
Princess Serenity by MyoTsubasa

Such a striking image of an amazing and majestic creature! DennisL-NL captured not only the everlasting beauty of this owl but also it's remarkably soft and bold textures showing the viewer an unforgettable image pact with details

"Fairy Treehouse" by TomaszMrozinski is a peaceful and sweet scene with excellent characterization, color, and with just the right amount of saturation. 
Fairy Treehouse by TomaszMrozinski

Like something you see here to be a DD? well get suggesting!!
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

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Skin by SimplySilent

Rockstar deviant

Tue Jun 9, 2015, 3:48 PM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Hello! and welcome to this summers Rockstar deviant project! 
For this summers project I shall be your host :wave: 

Throughout dA we may come across those who help make this site what is; those we look forward to seeing everyday, and those we feel bring a great amount of excellence to the community. These certain deviants may be someone who goes out of his/her way to be apart of the community at large, they may inspire you, be there for you, or simply may be someone you wouldn't want to see ever stop being themselves here on the site. This project is to show these people just how amazing and kick-ass we think they are and to give them the recognition and thanks they truly deserve! 

Let your voice be heard!

Nominate someone you feel is spectacular here on DeviantART to be our "Rockstar deviant"! see someone who fits this criteria or is someone who is considered to be a rockstar to you then make some coffe/tea, sit down, and take some time out of your day/night to tell me who and why this certain someone is an absolute rockstar! 
Metal Emote 

I'm In! But.. How Do I Nominate Someone?

:bulletpink: Note
 me (SirCassie) in a paragraph or less why this deviant warrants the title "Rockstar".

:bulletpink: Give me specific reasons why they are a rockstar deviant! please refrain from sending bland descriptions such as, "I think [insert deviant] is awesome!" These descriptions have zero thought and won't be considered; take some time and give it some good thought! 

:bulletpink: You can nominate as many deviants as you please, but you can only nominate someone once. You can't nominate yourself and you can't send me multiple notes for the same deviant. You can however, encourage your friends to nominate that deviant; I do not wish to see bland descriptions or something that says something like, “I want to nominate Deviant X because Deviant Y told me to,” either. Same rules apply, give some thought! 

:bulletpink: Anyone and everyone is eligible. It doesn't matter how long they have been here on DeviantART, or what their roles are, etc. If they stand out to you as someone who in your mind is a "rock star deviant" and you want to nominate him/her? Go ahead and do it! :love: 

:bulletpink: The current deadline is September 1st

Oh Yes, There's A Prize Barrel!

After the deadline I will begin to tally up all the nominations and post the top three in a poll so you and the rest of the community will vote (and write in that polls comment section who you want) who out of the three should be chosen to be our "Rockstar deviant"! however, if the poll gets too much hate, people misbehave, etc. I will use to choose a winner out of the top three instead.
Ye has been warned! Pirate tard 

The winner will be announced on September 15th. The winner shall receive: 

So, lets get to it! Nominate your rock star. Elvis 

*Anyone wishing to donate points to the prize barrel are welcomed.
This journal will be updated when new prizes are donated.


GDD Weekly Feature- Artisan Crafts

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 6:18 PM
Welcome to a new installment of weekly art features in which the admins of GetDailyDeviations will be showcasing artwork from the various galleries here on DeviantArt. Features will include artwork both within and outside of the group, the purpose being to bring awesome art to your attention! We hope you enjoy!

Kit Fox Soft Mount 2.0 (1) by WeirdCityTaxidermy  Something blue - A bouquet of beaded flowers by EverAfterArtisanryThe Cat-erpillar by loveandasandwich Doctor Who TARDIS Galaxy Cosplay Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy

Glomp and Glump by lennyandfriends

Ear Cuff ''Freedom'' by Taisa-Winged En-chain-ting Green Octopus Necklace by MythicSculptlore
mini Book nacklace by twistedjewelry Davina 1 by kamarza

Windhelm Guards Shield by TheAnti-Lily

dress Illicens, Somnia Romantica by M. Turin by SomniaRomantica SOLD!!! RECYCLED CLOTHING TBL handmade Lemur by TouchedbyLavender
Azure Dragonfly Sun Catcher by EarthBalanceCraft Pyrite and chocolate brass bracelet by asukouenn

Poofy Bab by SkinnedFawxTaxidermy

Yrsa House Dress by eqos Eyes of Grace - Vindicta by DreamsOfGems
Flying by ArtPsix Metal Owl by Thirdeyevision5

The clock dragon 4 by Albegoyec

Crochet Llama by BritneyPringleWhale Shark ami by gwilly-crochetChashoih by SweetSignMounted Fish by mtomsky

Help Box!

Fri Jun 5, 2015, 1:24 PM

Welcome to the official Help Box sign up page! this is where you sign up for a free spot on my front page's Help Box section. :love: 

Below are just a few questions to help me understand better about you and why you would like the promotion. 

  • What would you like promoted? (website, blog, commissions, art piece.. etc..) :
  • Why would you like this to be promoted?:
  • what would like to get out of the promotion?: 

Comment below!

**This is the new update of the HelpBox. I will be refreshing everything since many people from the previous one have either deactivated or are now inactive. 

Skin by SimplySilent

Unknown Artists #4

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2015, 12:18 PM

Hello! and welcome to the fourth addition of Unknown Artists! La la la la 

And in case you missed the last volume of these features feel free to check it out: Unknown Artists #3


An amazing eye-catching piece using an old school animation method by smilingStone 

Phenakitoscope - Flowery spiral - by smilingStone

A beautiful and well posed taxidermy piece by WeirdCityTaxidermy 
The backdrop also goes with the little fox perfectly by using forest like colors!
Kit Fox Soft Mount 2.0 (1) by WeirdCityTaxidermy

"Amplitude Problem - Wet Pavement Blues" by Valenberg is a well done pixel scene!
The glowing letters as well as the falling rain makes this look like a lonely back alley theme. 
Amplitude Problem - Wet Pavement Blues by Valenberg

The style in which this was created is eerie as well as gives off an almost sad sort of vibe; very well done
By Duh22 
Molko by Duh22

Amazing work and characterization by Traaw 
I love the colors and mood throughout this piece, It's very whimsical and fairy-tale like.
Old Gnome by Traaw

Absolutely sweet! showing off friendship and the love of family through these beautiful little fluff balls
By TammyPhotography 
This be my brother by TammyPhotography

A well constructed piece by GusDraws created with a very minimal but lively color pallet
The line art as well is very well done and flows wonderfully!
Miss Mother Nature by GusDraws

An emotional and well painted piece by cassiaramone 

still by cassiaramone

Like something you see here to be a DD? well get suggesting!!
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

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Skin by SimplySilent

Unknown Artists #3

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 8:49 PM

Hello! and welcome to the Third addition of Unknown Artists! La la la la 

My apologies for being so late with this feature, I had a lot of personal issues to deal with so these features had to be put off for a little while. BUT I decided to add a few more to the usual 8 deviations that I feature to make up for some of the time I spent away. 

And in case you missed the last volume of these features feel free to check it out! Unknown artists #2


"a little grub girl" by Woodedwoods is amazingly crafted, it looks creepy yet holds a great deal of elegance that pulls the viewer right in. 

a little grub girl... by Woodedwoods

Flibertyjibbeth's take on Samurai Jack is bold, expressive, and has been drawn in a brilliant perspective. 
Samurai Jack by Flibertyjibbeth

tacsitimea has done a superb job on the anatomy of this piece, it's so lifelike and the colors just pop! 
Silk by tacsitimea

"Little vixens" by  holyroseholy has such a calm feeling that washes over this piece, the lighting is well done and the character's designs are whimsical and also beautiful. 
Little vixens by holyroseholy

A brilliant cosplay by ketohthe background and angle truly make this piece stand out by showing off the character and her personality. 

 The scenery in  Schakalo's comic "Sneaker Peaker" is beyond appealing to the eyes and the minimal colors used are quite impressive.
sneaker peaker by Schakalo

furry-bob's piece "Catch you, Catch me" is full of life and compact with absolute adorableness! 
Catch You, Catch Me by furry-bob

ZoeVolf's piece "Scissors Crown"  is wonderfully put together! the butterflies adds life and non stop movement throughout this beautiful cosplay while the costume is bright and also elegant. 
Scissors Crown - Violet Cake by ZoeVolf

A morbid yet excellent piece by sbelmarsh
Easter Beefy by sbelmarsh

ApplePoo's piece "The XTerminator" Is an adorable and creative piece bringing a sci-fi/futuristic take on such a cute little creature. 
The XTerminator by ApplePoo

A strong message conveyed in a bright, fun, and creative way by VinceOkerman
Make Art , Not War by VinceOkerman

Captured-In-Pencil's piece "Commission- Sprocker Spaniel "Tilly" shows a high amount of excellent detailing with soft blending. 
Commission - Sprocker Spaniel 'Tilly' by Captured-In-Pencil

Like something you see here to be a DD? well get suggesting!!
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

Be sure to stay up to date with my latest features and interviews by watching me! Added to my devWatch! 

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:48 AM

It's Wednesday, and that means it's time to say hello to your favorite dark storm cloud! 

In case you missed it view the last art feature here: Unknown Artists #2

Wednesday by dem0n-of-heaven

Wednesday by HasaniwalkerWednesday Addams by mafakaWednesday Addams Color by JuliaMadrigal
Wednesday Addams by KuroenoWednesday by ChunkyRice14

Wednesday by OrihimeSchiffer

Goth Wednesday by SokiSpawn
Wednesday Addams! by fubangoWednesday Addams by Estrellita-Gotica
Wednesday Addams by thestarofpiscesWednesday Mugshot by MarcusJones

Wednesday Addams by replicated-marchen

Wednesday Addams 004 by HitchleeWednesday Addams by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
Wednesday Addams by Do0dlebugdebzWednesday child by HeirOfGlee

Jenna Wednesday Adams by DavidKanePhotography

Wednesday Addams sketch by Kuvshinov-IlyaWednesday Addams by M-Minkova

Wednesday Addams by BUNNYHavocShow and Tell by button920
Wednesday Addams inktober print by NachanWednesday's Child. by VarshaVijayan
Wednesday by Mai-JaWednesday by Celiarts

Wednesday by juhaihai

Wednesday by CerberusLivesWednesday Addams by Helen-Stifler
Wednesday Addams by HitchleeWednesday by ReginesArtwork
Wednesday Addams -Happy V-day- by SpookyChanWednesday by dsoloud
wednesday by UrsulaDecayWednesday by LiorClop

Wednesday and Lurch by MoonYen

Wednesday by samanthadoodleswednesday addams from ms paint by Wednesday2021
Amatur Luv by madhattaWednesday Addams and her decapitated doll by ZeroKing2015
Wednesday Cosplay (Adams Family) by TMProjectionWednesday Adams by colourful-blossom

Wednesday by EveyDantes

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Unknown Artists #2

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 4:38 PM

Hello! and welcome to the second addition of Unknown Artists! :la: 

If you missed the first one don't worry! just follow this link: 
Unknown Artists #1

I can't explain enough how amazingly eye catching and appealing straewefin's piece "Shady Night Club Pug painting" truly is. It's incredible cuteness pulls you in while the detail, tone, and the lighting keeps you staring. Shady Night Club Pug painting by straewefin

wawa3761 have shown off their wonderful skill and talent in painting portraits in their piece "Girl". The textures are phenomenal while the color is soft and delicate. A mesmerizing piece. 
Girl by wawa3761

The anatomy in byakko-kun's piece "Dragon fight" is extraordinary while the rest of piece leaves you breathless and awestruck taking in all the fine detailing, perspective, and coloring. 
Dragon fight by byakko-kun

A piece sure to creep you out! "NIghtmare" by Panddore lives up to it's name completely. The piece has great detailing and the fish eye effect really brings out it's true eeriness.

zacretz collab piece "Apaintingeveryday65" shows off two different painting styles brought together wonderfully. The wall separating the two characters almost feels like the separation of two different worlds! a fabulous and well done piece. 
Apaintingeveryday65 by zacretz

The character set up and execution are amazing in hon87's piece "steampunk warrior".
I really love the coloring and movement of the piece. The look on the character's face is also quite captivating. 
steampunk warrior by hon87

I love the color pallet of domatisseug's piece "It's 6 A.M. Do You Know Where You Are?". 
The brush stokes are amazing and I love the transition of styles from the back scenery to the main focus of the man in black. A truly well done, and inspiring piece. 
It's 6 A.M. Do You Know Where You Are? by domatisseug

I love the tone of weirdo-mess's piece "Doodling: The weight of lightness" as well as the line work. It all comes together so well and the color pallet is simple but executed very nicely. The piece reminds me of something I may see on a tarot card or CD album. The expression upon the character's face is very relaxed but also a bit sad as well. A well made and eye catching piece. 
Doodling: The weight of lightness by weirdo-mess

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Pixel Art feature

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2015, 12:14 PM

A collection of all the pixel art I have found in the last month or so~ 
Enjoy! and be sure to show your support by faving this journal! :la:

:bulletblue: See my last feature: Unknown Artists #1 

Harley by Amarantheans

Kawaii Pixel Heart Icon by Pastel-BunBunPixel Pit by MagicalGirlYossy   Commission: frayii by michaelhosouleaterfree avatar-gc controller by kevinvandervenPsychedelic Tampon  icon by Somnusvorus A Woolf In Sheep's Clothing. by P00CHYENATopazluck Avatar (Request) by Lilgreenfox Toadstooltoad by StairfellFree Avatar: Bonsai Tree Fail by FantasyStockFree: Pixel Avatar for profile by PixeldixCheshire Icon Commish by TechnoBirdBunicon by rreiChibi Pixel Thu by BottleWonderland icon - Coldiko by soaruBark by Deer-mafia:IC: Lainykins 2 by eivven  [PC] for maybelletea by Mousse-CakeGai - side walking animation by wanderingstreetFree Dad Avatar - Pixel Crew by Sabtastic Owl Avatar by Kezzi-Rose   Star and the Sky icon by hoz-bozI saw stars by Heal-UpBrain Icon Revamped [G DuskMind] by mamasaurus Naruto Froggy Icon by ZerucuneFree Avatar Cute Panties by Elik-ChanPnyuu by FonylCCBK New Idle Anim. by RandomLakeDual M1911 by AtaxaosHighholt Icon by MackoolziePC: Mount Fuji by tea-heePC: Daydreaming by tea-heeLava Lamp Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Pixel Valentine Bill Cipher^^ by xXLegendary-FuryXx Cyberfeyr - DOOM Sprite by Chris2Balls League of Legends: Maokai by ThumbzDown cupcake by FonylCommission - Crownedvictory by SirPansolit was coming by milkissSkullkid by TJNihil Flavored Milk Cartons by NikimukBulbasaur plush by SpeedXaaaJack O'Lantern Badge Redo by SharkysaurSayaka-chan by Gashi-gashiMawpaw Icon by OnionGrumpPixel Profile - Miki by ZombiesmileFinn and Jake by AbyssWolfBellum Sacrum by MiruaeViolet by MakcakeRapunzel by binoftrashc | pandaaaaah 1 of 2 by riasukipaint the roses red by wuntun

Pixel Book Animated by gkhnsolakToki by YukiinDragicopter by BronzeHaloToothless Pixel Animation by Nordeva

raven by wangqrPixel Commissions by Motoko-Suvulgar-adoptions by cutiecannibal

SPIN THE WHEEL, PEWDIE by medli20Present for Gianni :: Chibi Pixel by TheMeggersFallon Lewis by ceyuEumoir by meltytoastNyobi Lee by RHLPixels

Rain Woman by Blackhookmoon by solarsign{ TRADE } -- Teil by HardrockangelMovie night by JamTimeDesu

Rapunzel by GetanimatedFluffy Alpaca pixel~ by Lit-chiSky Peak by SpashaiPixel Scene: Sailor Moon by staticwind

Etoile pixel by cherrysoffWalking In Shadows by GuardianOfShigeru

Fireworks by Kyle-Dove
Hydrophobia by TAG-Nadiapip pip by snarbsPixel Room - Sherlock by pyrogothTiny walking dragon by BronzeHaloMathilda by Bright-Button

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Unknown Artists #1

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 11:44 AM

Welcome to the very first feature of Unknown Artists! This is going to be the start of weekly findings of amazing artists hiding in dA~ 

DibuMadHatter's piece "The monster of the blonde icon" is a powerful piece that is sad yet beautiful showing a wonderful use of mixed media and color.  The Monster of the Blonde Icon by DibuMadHatter

Ilyaev's piece "Let's walk with fireflies" is a whimsical composition full of life, vibrant colors, and a keen eye for anatomy.

A captivating and incredibly detailed traditional drawing by iSaBeL-MR
I Will Be Waiting by iSaBeL-MR

gus-ms's piece shows off a cute yet simple cartoon style. 
Coffee ID by gus-ms

An adorable comic by dailyclara that shows even the simplest things may mean the world to the one you care about most. 
Valentine Comic by dailyclara

A surreal painting by KaritaArt with a mix of warm and cool colors executed beautifully. 

Renlov shows a skilled hand at pixel art and interesting and eye catching character creation. 
Dryad 2 by Renlov

Lumfur's piece "Brook" is bold and really shows off the artist's skills.
Brook by Lumfur

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My commission Info

Sat Feb 14, 2015, 8:31 AM
Hello! welcome to my commission information journal! Here you will find:

:bulletpink:My current art status. 
:bulletpink:Accepted payment methods. 
:bulletpink:What commissions are currently open or closed. 

:bulletpink:Commission examples. 
:bulletpink: Price ranges.
:bulletpink: Do's and don'ts

Commission status: :bulletred: CLOSED

Payment methods: Points and Paypal only. 

I currently have two commissions open at this time. This includes:

 Pantie avatars:  MasterPanties- FREE Avatar by SirCassie Cutie panties- FREE Avatar by SirCassie dA lace panties- FREE avatar by SirCassie
Pixel talk sprites: (Gift) Amaira Pagedoll by SirCassie SirCassie Page doll. by SirCassie

Prices range between: Detail, size, and quantity. 
Avatars range between 45 and 70:points: 
Pixel talk sprites range between: 150 and 250:points: 

See points calculator to translate points to cash.

  DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

What I wont do at this time: 
Overly sexual themes, furries, and animals. 

If you have any other questions please don't be afraid to note
me or comment in the comment section below.
I would be more than happy to assist you~ :heart:

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Photography feature- Animals, Plants and Nature

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 7:36 PM

Persian leopard portrait. by RavenithCautious bear (Ursus Arctos) by AlesGolaJust About Beautiful by clippercarrilloDay 251 - Haven by MonsterBrandForest 10 by LillianEvillfrosone by FrancoBorsiWildLifeParus major by luka56761. by mistty002

leave me alone by xNovemberdayx

Little monkey, Nepal by JovanaScepanovic24frosone by FrancoBorsiWildLifeWhy isn't snow here? by Zluvka
Curiosity by Miko-BuraGreat Grey Owl II. by RavenithKaylee Prufrock Sees a Bug 2 by coffeenoirNorway... by my-shotson the way down by rdalpesToxic Blues by bexa

January by ChristinaKingma

in winter by exit-humanityZoe at the sun by abaloo72Hello stranger by ZoranPhoto
Meow Meow by EliseEnchantedHappiest day of my life by A2MatosNot so wild-103 by SblourgBear Paw Lake Aurora 1-7-2015 by Line-of-Birds

Boat-Tailed Grackle by Crixans Tina the little heartbreaker by hoschie

Bunny Tea by arefin03Moustache by ErfeaLoki 20150118-1 by FurLined

In the fire of sunset by Godessoftimesnowy Lou by awphotoartWinterday I by dark-cayden

Wonderful Luna by SilvermoonswanMy cat eye by MohamedAlmansoryConnection by Si1vana Ninja Turtles by KLillyPhotography

Spying by Ita-samaIt's all black and white to me by gretchoco

Hunter by vanillapearl

Not Guilty by rainylakeHandsome Iridescence by vanwaglajamIMG_0068 by meaningandreflection
Well Point by Si1vanaBacking Love by WillTCSunflowers by amzimmeGrand Teton National Park by amzimme ..:winter walk:.. by MonaBe4

Cultus lake mountain trail~1/28/2015~14 by Matthew-Fuller

My australian shepherd :) by DominikaLukoszek

sunset girl by NinetailsPhotographyPfauenauge by RockasRaCoonjunco snow by Laur720
Candy land by NeighyaTubular by Once-Around-the-Sun Rosa Victory Nikon D70 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8- by Gerris2

Bee Gathering Blue by Lizzie-BittyNot so closer by Luemy Wildflower 1 - Maui by wildplaces

Timeless by llr

Mine by Mary-Chan23Snowsplosion by UnstoppableDogs Ocean view by AzureHowlShilach

 Dsc7564-3 by strohbluemleinWinter by MamaMikaSunset in Between the Cork Oaks by Matthias-HakerGuide Me With Your Light by howlingghostwolf

Woka-woka by DeeOtterVanity by Theanimalparade

Glance by TerkaLoty

Warm home by ZoranPhotoVariegated Fairy-wren by strictfunctorSheep and Volcanoes by FlorentCourty Dreaming in the Rain by John-Peter

Angels Fall by bordacute tree frog by lisansEurasian hoopoes by Sergey-Ryzhkov On the Edge by TobiasRoetsch

Tyto alba by Skia

Massive Mood by FlorentCourty Raven (Corvus Corax) by Sergey-Ryzhkov Morendo by Oer-Wout Leblos by PassionAndTheCameraMisty Dangar by DrewHopper

Day 258 - Apex by MonsterBrand Framed. by thrumyeyeUntitled by OpheliaAutumn666 nevermore by exit-humanity

Foggy Stream by TomGreenPhotos

<da:thumb id="510785660"/> Beauty V by Patholesia Bromeliad Flower by RainaAstaldo Loutre by Lessprit

Mature Content

Don't forget about me... by Tazzman777

Me gory :3 by Iside10 Hibiscus by joeyartist Beauty VI by Patholesia

flowers 11 by MidnightDaisyStudio

rose 2 by MidnightDaisyStudio bird by MartinkaFoto Clarion by EtherealSceneries Beautiful Boy by Tikeru We love you dad! by Fall-of-rain

The Morning  by ErickLopezFoto Sunbathing by ZoranPhotoBeauty III by PatholesiaOrchid 2 by SpellpearlArts

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Interview with Mrs-Durden

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 12:02 PM by SirCassie:iconsircassie:

My interview with Mrs-Durden

"Lets start with an introduction, in a few words or more tell us a bit about yourself. "

:iconmrs-durden:- My name is Nina, I was born in Greece, and moved from country to country until my family and I settled in France. I grew up there, but moved to the United States where I currently work and go to university. I'm a self-taught portrait photographer, commonly referred to as a sassy, sarcastic, and angry French woman. And I am certainly not good at introducing myself, as you can see.

"What attracted you to joining DeviantArt originally?" 

:iconmrs-durden:- To be honest I don't remember how I found DeviantArt, and why I joined in the first place. I assume it was because I was looking to grow as a photographer, and wanted to use the site as a way to learn from others, find amazing art, and perhaps make some connections.

"What do you think has been your greatest accomplishment(s) since joining the site? "

:iconmrs-durden:- I don't really know that I've had any great accomplishments since joining the site. I've made some amazing friends, and I suppose that is an accomplishment in itself. I'm proud of the joy I've been able to bring people either by featuring them in journals, or giving them a Daily Deviation. I'm proud of the amazing art I've tried to expose to the community. I'd like to think that if there was any great accomplishment during my time on DeviantArt, it's been helping to inspire and expose artists throughout the community.

"What made you come up with your username?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Back in the day I was fairly obsessed with Fight Club, it's still one of my favorite movies. I loved Tyler's character, and the name Mrs-Durden just came to me.

"Have you ever thought about changing it or do you think Mrs-Durden  suits you just fine?"

:iconmrs-durden:- I've thought of it, but honestly I'm not quite good at thinking of usernames, so I think I will always remain Mrs-Durden here. In a way it's a memory of the person I was when I first joined.

"How long have you been a CV exactly?"

:iconmrs-durden:- I can't remember the specific date, but it was late June 2014.

"When did you decide to become a CV, and what made you want to strive for the position?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Becoming a CV had been on my mind for a while, as I'm the type of person who always feels that more can be done, and that more should be done. I always felt that I needed to do more for the community, but more importantly I wanted to do more for it. There's a unique type of satisfaction that comes from trying to help a community grow stronger. As a member, I did as much as I could, got involved in groups, did regular features, tried to comment and critique on work as much as I could, and then of course came the time where I thought to myself "Okay, I am ready to do more now".

"I hear a lot of other CV's say it took them several applications until they became a CV, did this also happen to you?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Indeed, I applied for three different categories before I became a CV. I don't know how the process works entirely, but if you're truly interested in becoming a CV, I'd say don't be afraid to apply multiple times, so long as you do it properly.

"What about being a CV do you love/like most? "

:iconmrs-durden:- Honestly what I love the most is being part of an incredible team, and having made so many amazing friends within it. Aside from that, is of course the joy that comes from running activities that bring the community together and that people have fun with, and of course giving Daily Deviations to outstanding work, which brings a lot of joy to the recipients. It's always heart warming to receive messages from DD recipients, and seeing how the community reacts to each piece that is featured.

"When you aren't on dA what are typically doing with your time? "

:iconmrs-durden:- When I'm not on DeviantArt, I'm either in class, out with friends, driving around, in my apartment watching netflix and whatnot, or at one of my jobs. A lot of people might think I don't have a life, since I do "so much" on DeviantArt, but I'm actually insanely busy most of the time being a senior in University with multiple jobs and a plethora of responsibilities.

"What are some of your favorite hobbies? "

:iconmrs-durden:- Photography of course is my number one favorite hobby. Other than that, I love to play the piano, cook, or bake. I bake a lot, especially when I am stressed out, or procrastinating. I also love to drive, it's not necessarily a hobby, but I make it one in a sense. I love to drive around aimlessly, and listen to music for hours to clear my head.

"How would you describe your personality?"

:iconmrs-durden:- I'm a difficult person. I'm fairly cold, stoic, and reserved. But I'd say I have a very bipolar personality, as I can also be very kind, warm, and caring. I'm very stubborn, I hold grudges, I don't forgive easily, I'm not excessively social, I really dislike people most of the time. These are a few of my personality traits, which some of my friends on here find difficult to believe sometimes as most of the time they don't get to see the more "difficult" parts of who I am.

"Out of the time you have been a member here on dA what is your fondest memory?"

:iconmrs-durden:- This is a difficult one, because I cannot think of one memory that stands out from all of the others. I've shared many memorable moments with the amazing people I've met here on DeviantArt, moments that I will always cherish. The majority of the fondest memories come from my exchanges with other CVs on the team, it's inexplicable how amazing some of those I've gotten to know are. The amount of support and love I get from each of them, is something that I will never forget.

"Who in your life (or which artist) inspires you most? "

:iconmrs-durden:- It's funny, I've never really had a role-model, or a single person that has truly inspired me. I've never followed any artist and their work as closely as most might, with people who inspire them. My own mind is my inspiration, nature inspires me, people in the general sense inspire me. I've never based my work off of anyone else, at least not intentionally (not that there is anything wrong with that). My own personal experiences have inspired me the most, I'd say.

"What kind of groups here on dA do you like?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Some of my favorite groups (aside from those I admin for) are:                                                                    :icondream-club:, :iconnude-form:, :icondialed-in:, :iconbeautyisaroundus:, :icondepthradius:, :iconamazinglybeautiful:, :icondevpremium:

"Would you say you are pretty active in these groups?"

:iconmrs-durden:- I'm an active watcher in most of the groups I am either a member or watcher of. I've recently started posting my photography again, which means I've started submitting to some groups more. But aside from that, I'd say I am most active in reading journals, commenting on deviations going through the group, etc.

"Are you a part of (or like) any fandoms? "

:iconmrs-durden:- Absolutely not. No offense to anyone who is, I'm just not wired that way. I enjoy certain movies, television shows, and books a great deal, but I would never be a part of a fandom per se.

"Besides photography do you like to dabble in other mediums? "

:iconmrs-durden:- Few people know that I've been painting since I was a child, granted I am not very good at it, but I do enjoy it a lot. Literature is also one of the first art mediums I dabbled in, in fact I've written a book, but nobody has read it other than me ;) (Wink). I've also dabbled in photomanipulation, but it's been a very long time.

"What is the weirdest/strangest encounter you have had on this site?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Oh gosh, there have been so many. I've had to deal with a variety of situations, from crazy religious spammers to creepy guys trying to get nude pictures, or people who decide to randomly insult or threaten me. I can't think of a specific encounter, just a clusterfuck of crazy things that have happened over the years along these lines.

"What is one thing that most people don't know about you?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Well, a few things mentioned in this interview would apply here. But I guess something random could be that I am half Palestinian.

"If you could choose to meet one person (living or dead) who would it be and why?"

:iconmrs-durden:- Oh my, there are so many people I could list! It won't come as much of a surprise to some to hear me say I would love to meet Stalin. I'm incredibly fascinated with Soviet History, and my obsession for Stalin has been going on for a while now. I'd love to be able to sit down with him, and see what he was like behind closed doors. There are many accounts of this, like memoirs from his daughter or old members of the Politburo, but I'd like to experience it myself.

"Thank you so much for your time Mrs-Durden! Is there anything else you would like to add?"

:iconmrs-durden:- I'd just like to say thank you for wanting to interview me, it's been a pleasure answering all of these questions Heart

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Caption That! winners

Thu Dec 4, 2014, 1:57 PM
I present to you the winners of the Caption That! contest!
 Caption that! (CLOSED)

1st Place Gif by SimplySilentOur first place goes to, GoldenhopeOrigin with:
Caption thatfirst by SirCassie
What you win:
:bulletgreen:A colored sketch bust by: chisacha

2nd Place Gif by SimplySilentOur second place goes to, Mol-icious with:
Caption thatsecond by SirCassie
What you win:

3rd Place Gif by SimplySilentAnd our third place goes to, Jess2Lucky with:
Caption thatthird by SirCassie
What you win:

Thank you all to who participated and contributed to the contest! :aww: